Imaging working group

Name :Dr.Haitham Al-Hashimi

Place of Work: Rashid Hospital, Cardiology Department

The ECS working group aims to bridge the gap between

cardiac ultrasound and cardiac radiological imaging.

This harmonization will benefit patients and

responsible medical professionals within this field of interest.

The group sources to provide well-structured and high quality

education in areas where it sees additional focus is required.

With expanding technology we are prepared to support ability

of integration of imaging studies through different health record platforms.

Dr. Juwairia Tahir
Dr. Juwairia Tahir

prevention working group

Name :Dr. Nooshin Bazargani

Place of Work: The Cardiology Department, Dubai Hospital

The European Association for Cardiovascular Prevention is  the cornerstone of a comprehensive intervention which includes an educational programme, risk factors control and the patient’s voluntarily adoption of a healthy lifestyle to be kept for lifetime.

Heart failure working group


Place of Work: Clinical Associate Professor of Medicine

Vice Chairman, Department of Cardiovascular Medicine

Director, Section of Heart Failure and Transplant.

Department of Cardiovascular Medicine- Heart and Vascular Institute.

Cleveland Clinic Abu Dhabi.

The working group heart failure regularly organizes training and continuing education events failure and it related subjects. It is committed to standards in the treatment of heart failure in UAE , which are summarized in the recently published guidelines. It is important that these standards are applicable in everyday life, because the treatment of these patients is complex and rarely easy . Next , the working group heart failure supports the introduction of a networked service. Finally, enables collaboration within the working group on the subject of scientific activities in UAE.

Dr. Juwairia Tahir

surgical working group

The rapid evolution of the new transcatheter technologies represents a unique opportunity to tailor the therapeutic treatment to the specific patient’conditions. The ECS Working Group on Cardiovascular Surgery is devoting all its efforts to enhance the interaction between the cardiac surgery and the cardiology communities in order to promote a systematic “heart team approach” which is the most effective way to deliver a really “patient centered” care.

Acute cardiac care working group

Cardiac Care working group is now a proud member of ECS. The best doctors in our community have joined together to form a multi-specialty high-performance medical group that puts patients first. Our physicians are united by the mission of providing better, more coordinated care for their patients.

Dr. Juwairia Tahir

EPS working group

Name :Dr.Mohamed A Aljaabari

Place of Work :Mafraq Hospital / Sheikh Khalifa Medical City, Abu Dhabi, UAE

Consultant Cardiac Electrophysiologist

The Emirates Cardiac Society Cardiac Electrophysiology working group strives to support healthcare professionals and patients through education, awareness, research and quality improvement in this unique and highly specialized field of cardiovascular disease. We organize and provide educational activities for physicians and allied health professionals in an interactive and friendly environment on a national and regional level. We also plan to provide patient awareness campaigns across the U.A.E to improve the public’s understanding of common arrhythmias and sudden cardiac death prevention. Another goal of the working group is to improve collaborative research among different healthcare facilities and provide guidance to governmental bodies on improving healthcare quality.

Intervention cardiology working group

Name :Dr. Arif AbullaAbdulrahim Al Nooryani

Place of Work: CEO of Al Qassimi Hospital Sharjah – UAE

The working group with intervention aims at contributing to the Mission of the ECS by developing a platform of clinical and scientific exchange between all health care professionals involved with percutaneous interventions. the working group aims to foster a close and mature collaboration with industry partners, based on a clearly defined code of conduct.

Dr. Juwairia Tahir
Dr. Juwairia Tahir

Pediatric and Congenital working group

Name: DR.Ahmed Mohamed AL-Kamali

Place of Work: Project manager of Heart Center of Excellent, Consultant pediatric Cardiologist, AlQassimi Women’s and Children’s hospital

The Working Groups represent different sub specialties and specific areas of paediatric and congenital cardiology. The working group has been set up within this Association to bring together workers with similar interests in order to facilitate research and collaboration with paediatric cardiac surgeons, adult congenital cardiologists and other scientists in closely related fields